5 things to know before buying a Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap hair styler is a new hair tool that allows you to curl, wave, smooth, and dry your hair all in one tool.

The Airwrap uses technology utilising something called the Coanda effect to attract hair, wrap it around the barrel, drying and styling simultaneously with air rather than extreme heat.

The tool is available with different attachments to handle different styling needs. There are various brush attachments, barrels for curling and a pre-styling dryer attachment. You can choose between four styling sets, each of which includes attachments designed for a specific hair type.

No need to buy a separate hair dryer, curling tongs, and straightener, as the Dyson Airwrap will do it all. Or that’s the claim anyway. So does it really work? And is it a good choice for your hair styling needs?

Here are 5 things you need to know before getting a Dyson Airwrap.

1. Is the Dyson Airwrap Worth it?

Dyson Airwrap styling sets start at £449.99 so they’re certainly not a cheap option. But are they worth the price?

Well, first consider that an Airwrap replaces three separate styling tools. While it’s certainly possible to buy a budget hair dryer, straightener, and curling tongs, you could easily spend over £400 if you buy the top quality versions of each.

Styling your hair with the Airwrap is also much faster than using other styling tools and it doesn’t damage it like high-heat stylers. This means you could save money in haircuts and treatments in the long-term.

Most people who’ve bought the Dyson Airwrap say that it’s worth every penny for the salon results it gives you every time.

If you blow dry and style your hair regularly, you’ll most likely be thrilled with the Airwrap. However, if you’re a “wash and go” type of person and only style your hair for special occasions, you might just want to go with a budget styler.

2. What’s the difference between the Dyson Airwraps?

The Dyson Airwrap is available in four styling sets designed for different hair types.

Dyson Airwrap Complete is suitable for multiple hair types and comes with 6 attachments including soft and firm smoothing brushes, a round volumising brush, 30mm and 40mm Airwrap barrels for curling and waving, and a pre-style dryer.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is designed for hair that’s longer than chest level. It includes the same attachments but has longer barrels able to curl longer hair.

Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control is aimed at those with frizz-prone hair. It comes with 4 attachments including a firm smoothing brush, two curling barrels, and a dryer attachment.

Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape is engineered to add body and shape to fine, flat hair with a soft smoothing brush, round volumising brush, 30mm curling barrels and dryer.

3. Does the Dyson Airwrap damage hair?

The Dyson Airwrap uses airflow and low heat to style hair so it’s less damaging than high-heat stylers.

The Airwrap is designed to measure the temperature multiple times a second to ensure it doesn’t overheat and stays at a temperature that’s healthy for the hair.

It’s also much quicker than regular hair dryers and stylers, so you can reduce the time your hair is exposed to heat.

4. Is there a cheaper version of the Dyson Airwrap?

If you like the idea of combining multiple styling tools in one, there are a couple of budget-friendly alternatives you could consider.

For example, the Revlon Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser dries and styles your hair at the same time for less than £60. You’ll need separate curling tongs for certain styles but if your go-to style is loose beach waves, this could be a good option for you.

5. Should you buy the Dyson Airwrap or Supersonic?

The Dyson Supersonic is a hair dryer that uses advanced technology to dry hair quickly without extreme heat.

While both products are designed to rapidly dry and style hair without damage, the Airwrap is created with more styling options in mind.

If you curl your hair a lot, the Airwrap is a better choice. If you’re just after a salon-quality blow dry, the Dyson Supersonic will do the job perfectly.

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